Emperor Penguin 17” x 14” Hand-Numbered Art Piece


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17” x 14” art size (paper size approx: 20” x 17”)

I have two rules when drawing. First rule is no thinking, just allow it to happen in the moment. And the other rule is no criticizing it as good or bad. Anything that comes out just is what it is. Within that framework there is deep freedom and liberation that can allow your own true uniqueness to enter the world in what you create. That was the approach taken for this piece, and most other pieces I do, so trying to explain what it is is relatively futile. It just is and the viewer has the freedom to see it in their own unique way.
The one prerequisite I plant within myself is for the final product to hopefully give the viewer the feelings of freedom, expansion and joy within themselves when they look at it. That’s what I felt in every stroke while creating this. - Steve Vai