Heart Fruit Tree 17” x 14” Hand-Numbered Art Piece



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17” x 13.8” art size (paper size approx: 20” x 16.8”)

“It’s so interesting to see how an art piece unfolds as it is being manifested. It takes on what seems like a personality of its own and then it can tell you what its name is so to speak. It’s never clear how others will interpret your creative offerings. In fact, it’s impossible. What matters is how it feels to the creator and those that it resonates with will be attracted in an organic way. I’ve noticed from my perspective that although the art that comes out of me is relatively abstract and quirky, I can find little surprises and delights in it and I name the pieces after that. Such is the case with “Heart Fruit Tree”. The joy of the abstract creature is enhanced whenever it consumes the hearts that grow on the heart fruit tree. We can all use that kind of nourishment.” - Steve Vai